Ebenezer is a Bible-based contemporary, & Family-friendly Baptist church. Here at Ebenezer, we are one church with multiple campuses where we enter worship, and exit to serve! 

Giving Update

Dear Members and Friends,

We are extremely grateful to all of you for the gifts given, the time shared, and the support expressed throughout this last year. It has been a true gift to see our church embark on new challenges and reach new heights thanks to your continued support!  

Together, we have celebrated the church anniversary. Our growth into Carmel, purchase of new land, our support to Uganda, food pantry, community and partners were to continue throughout Covid and as things began to open we were able to fulfil our mission and purpose.  I am inspired everyday by your love of God and his people and your willingness to give each day.  

Thank you for sharing in celebration of all we achieved!  As we prepare to celebrate, I hope you may feel called to share a gift for past, present and future - Every gift makes a difference and now is the time to make an impact.

Dr. Shaune R. Shelby Sr. - Senior Pastor

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