The following guidelines ensure a smooth Funeral Service.

  • When the death of a family member or loved one occurs, the member or a designated family member must contact the church office. If death occurs outside of normal business hours, please call Pastor or leave a message on the Ministry Office voicemail. Please follow up the next day with any updates or new information.
  • Please keep the Church abreast of information and changes as they occur by speaking with the Office Clerk or Bereavement Ministry.
  • A resolution will be sent to the member or the designated family member prior to the beginning of the service for services outside of Ebenezer Baptist Church.
  • If the services are going to be held at the church, the member or designated family member must meet with the Pastor or/and Ministry Office as soon as possible to set date and to complete funeral program information and logistics.
  • If there are any conflicts among family members they must be resolved before the services. We will not allow any confrontations on the premises. We reserve the right to cancel/deny the services fifteen (15) minutes prior to the service starting time.
  • The casket will be closed after the last family member has viewed the deceased and remain closed throughout the funeral services, unless the family request it closed before they processing in. The casket once closed, will remain closed and not reopened under any circumstances at the church or at the gravesite. It is our desire to make the services as comfortable as possible for the family.
  • All prices and fees are included in the Benevolence Manual.
  • If use of the fellowship hall is requested for a family meal. Please see Fellowship Hall guidelines.